Hannah Bernier » Welcome to Mrs. Bernier's First Grade Class!

Welcome to Mrs. Bernier's First Grade Class!

Welcome to Our Classroom 
Our first grade classroom is full of fun!
Students build upon a growth mindset and the motto of "always try our best." 
Mistakes are seen as a tool for learning. 
When a person has the confidence to try, there are no limits!
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About Me: I love being a teacher!  I live in Windham with my family and love being a part of this community.  I graduated from UMaine with a degree in Elementary Education in 2006. I have taught Kindergarten, 7th/8th grade Math and now first grade!  I love to kayak and be at the lake.  My favorite thing to do ever is to enjoy making memories with my family and friends. 
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Number: 8
Favorite Animal: Hedgehogs!
Favorite Food: Fruit Salad
Favorite Flower: Gerber Daisy
Favorite Stores: Target and Kohl's
Favorite Book: The Book With No Pictures
I am SO excited to get to know all of my new students!


Personal Belongings: Please label your child's backpack, jackets, boots, hats, etc. Please send in 1 set of extra clothes in a labeled Ziploc baggie to remain at school. Your child should also bring an art shirt to school. An old t-shirt works perfectly. We keep them in our cubbies to use as needed. There is a Lost and Found area by the library. Lost and found will periodically be donated to a local clothes closet.

Recess: Children go out for recess almost every day. Please make sure they have appropriate outside clothing.

Special Days: We will be celebrating birthdays by singing to your child and giving him/ her a small gift. Please do not send in any food for his/her special day. This is part of the school's Wellness policy, and we do have children in the room with various allergies.

Book Club: Our class will participate in a Scholastic Book Club; however, purchasing of books is completely voluntary. Order forms are sent home monthly, in case you are interested. Every book ordered earns the class bonus points which are used to provide new books for the class. Our class code is J6Q3G.

The Bus: All questions concerning buses should be referred to the Windham bus garage (892-1809).

Your child will be put on the bus every day, unless we receive a written note that you would like to pick up your child. If a note is not possible, please call or email the school office prior to dismissal time and ask that they inform us. If we do not have a note or notification from the office, your child will be put on the bus. If you have long term plans to pick up your child (every Wednesday, for instance) you may write one note for the period of time to be posted in the classroom. If you are dropping your child off, please stop, drop, and go. This helps encourage smooth transitions, and many adults are there to help.

School Entry: Any person entering our building must come through the front door and proceed to the office. You are required to sign in at the office and wear a visitor or volunteer pass. If you are picking up your child early, please be prepared to show identification. If you are in the building and not wearing the pass, you may be stopped and questioned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in following our school policies to make sure all children are kept safe.

School Meal prices for the 2018-2019 School Year are as follows:
Windham Primary School -    
Breakfast: $1.25, Reduced Price Breakfast: $0.00
Lunch: $2.80, Reduced Price Lunch: $0.40
                           Cold Lunch Milk - $0.50

Recent Posts

Newsletter 12/15/18

Good afternoon!    Happy Saturday!!!


Upcoming dates and reminders:

C HOUSE holiday concert is MONDAY NIGHT, 12/17 at 6:30 in the high school auditorium.  Please have your child there by 6:15.  Our class is on the left hand side of the stage so you can’t miss us!  I am SO excited to see and hear our students perform!


Next week we have ANOTHER school-wide spirit week: participation in spirit day themes are optional…do not feel like you need to make ANY purchases to participate…


Monday December 17th: Movement Monday

Students and staff are encouraged to take a movement break today, outside or inside

Tuesday December 18th: - Radiant Reading Day

Find a cozy spot to read, grab a flashlight and shine a light on a great book!  **I have flashlights here at school, but your child may choose to bring in  something cozy to wear or snuggle during READING TIME.

Wednesday December 19th: - Seasonal Sock Day

Wear your winter or holiday themed socks today! If you don’t have socks…consider a seasonal hat.

Thursday December 20th: Ugly Sweater Day

Come to school dressed in a cozy or silly sweater!

Friday December 21st: Pajama Day

Everyone is invited to wear their pajama’s to school today. We will have options for movies within our PLC to watch for a portion of the day.


A recap of all the things that we have been doing over the last couple weeks!



  • We have been working on decoding strategies.  Many students continue to sound out words when they KNOW the words.  Sounding out words is a great strategy to use for unknown words; however, if we know the words…it interferes with our fluency.



We continue t work on informational writing.  Students are just finishing up their own personal biography!



Students are all working at their own levels in math.  Fact fluency continues to be a focus.  We have worked on doubles, doubles +1 or -1, and also combinations of numbers that make 10 (2 and 8, 7 and 3, 4 and 6, etc.).  



We will start our PLTW unit in January on animal adaptations.  I am excited to begin this unit and students will come home talking about the knowledge and info they have explored in order to form a hypotheses, run tests, collect data, etc!  This goes along well with our informational writing unit!



Students have learned about GRATITUDE this month with Mrs. Patch.  Ask your child about what they know and how a person could show gratitude.


Looking ahead –

Next week, as you can imagine, will be CRAZY as the kids are SO EXCITED for vacation and the holidays!  I plan to keep the week fun but also try and get as much learning in as I can get out of them. 😊  We have been doing a number of crafts and students will be bringing these crafts home this week as gifts for their loved ones.


Reminder – no school the week of 12/24-12/28 – school will resume on Wednesday, January 2, 2019!


PLEASE try to assist your child in getting enough rest this week.  While this time of year can be magical and wonderful, it can also be quite an adjustment and change for some also with extra busyness this month.  We have discussed that we can ALWAYS have our feelings; however, what we do with those feelings and the choices we make are also important. 


I think that is it for now!  I hope to see you all Monday night at the holiday concert!


Have a great weekend!


~Hannah Bernier

Classroom News

Good afternoon!


Hard to believe we had yet ANOTHER snow day this week.  CRAZY! 


Reminders and upcoming dates:


BOOK FAIR dates and times (in the school library!):

Monday, 12/3 – 3pm-6pm

Tuesday, 12/4 – 3pm-6pm

Wednesday, 12/5 – 1pm-3pm

Thursday, 12/6 – 3pm-6pm


This year’s holiday concerts will be on the following dates and times:

  • Monday, December 10 – 6:30 PM – A House
  • Thursday, December 13 – 6:30 PM – B House
  • Monday, December 17 – 6:30 PM – C House (info went home via paper copy this week to order a DVD of all three shows if you choose)



  • We covered a lot this week!  We continued our work on CVCe words (consonant, vowel, consonant, and the letter ‘e’).  The E tells the vowel to say its name…examples: kite…we hear ‘i’ and made…we hear ‘a’
  • We also reinforced using our strategies to decode…maybe students will reference the wall/bookmark of strategies.  Students will tell me that chunky monkey would allow them to see the ‘all’ in ball, or the ‘be’ and ‘in’ in the word begin.
  • We have welcomed two kindergarten students into our classroom for literacy and you may hear the names Max or Finnegan…they now have understood the routine of our learning stations and are now just more members of our learning space.


Writing –

  • We are experts!!  We have moved on from HOW-TO writing to informational texts.  We are all experts about ourselves and we are writing a chapter book to highlight parts of us!  Our autobiographies will include informational text features and will lead us into doing a research project about something we become experts on.  Many students tend to choose an animal to research and write about. Students are motivated and enjoying this unit so far.
  • One of our focus areas is also making sure our readers can read our handwriting.  We have been reinforcing the use of tall, small and hang down letters.  We are leaving spaces between words and making sure our final product is QUALITY work as opposed to a QUANTITY of work. 



  • We have been plugging away at understanding numbers.  We have put a focus on two-digit numbers and understanding the place value of tens and ones.   Adding and subtracting ten (with and with out a number chart) has been a focus also.
  • Work and practice is different for every student (at their level).  Word problems, time, money, addition and subtraction practice, comparing numbers, place value, representing numbers in many ways, and explaining mathematical thinking are all areas a student could work on. 


Our days are busy and our hearts are full…we have been writing kind notes to one another and placing them in paper stockings we have made.  Each student has a paper to write a note to each member of our classroom and place the note in a stocking that will be sent home for your child to enjoy as everyone finishes their kind notes.  Students are really enjoying this activity.


Kym Johnson has been an amazing addition to our classroom and next week is her last week with us.  It will be Kym’s LEAD TEACH week.  Miss Johnson will TAKE OVER!  Haha…she will be the lead teacher for the week.  I will be in the classroom to assist as needed and she and I will reflect as we go.  Miss Johnson has been a HUGE part of our classroom this year and she will certainly be missed as she moves onto a 4th grade placement for her final semester of college…one more step towards her own classroom.  OPTIONAL: if anyone would like to includebooks,  “teacher supplies” for Miss Johnson, or if you would like to help your child write a letter for Miss Johnson…I will collect them throughout the week next week. PLEASE JUST LABEL THESE DONATIONS…I want to be sure that it gets where it is intended as some students do house supplies in their backpacks.  It will certainly be adjustment not to have Miss Johnsons smiling face each day and loving support throughout the day.  Please continue to communicate with me as needed if anything arises with your child.  Students will learn on Monday about some of the changes happening for the week.


Reminder: Please be sure to send in appropriate gear for the weather, we make sure to bundle them up as needed!


I think that is about it!  Here’s hoping for a full week next week (and the weeks to come!) as we have a lot to cover before we go on vacation again for the holidays!  😊


Have a great weekend! 



Weekly Newsletter 10-26-18

Weekly Communication

Reminders –


  • Don’t forget a couple snacks per day.  (reminder – NO NUTS! J)
  • Gym on Wednesdays (wear or bring sneakers please) and Library on Mondays (please help the kids remember their books)

Here are some of our highlights of the week… 

Literacy –

  • In our reading groups we are slowing things down, reading only a few pages at a time.  Discussing, making predictions, talking about the major parts and how we would go about retelling the story using only those major/most important parts. It’s been very helpful for the kids.  
  • We worked on sentence structure and how to write more detailed sentences using who, what, where and when! 
  • We have continued our work with grammar, punctuation and talked this week about CAPITAL letters and where we should (and shouldn’t) put them.



We started our 2nd unit – it will be How-To stories… The kids are very excited about this unit – as am I!  We started in the brainstorming phase so they have all discussed things that we know how to do in order to teach it to a reader.



  • Math computation has been a focus each week.  Students continue to work on adding fluently (numbers between 0-10).  I am seeing more understanding of numbers and number sense within our classroom.   
  • We began clock lessons and all students have shown an understanding of how to tell time by the hour.  We will include the half hour next and how to differentiate the clock hands between the minute hand and the hour hand.

Dates to remember –

CONFERENCES - November 7th (sign up link above)


Do you have a reading routine at home?

Reading to young children helps them to succeed.  Reading to your child will help exercise the brain, build language and vocabulary skills, develop concentration and foster an enjoyment for reading.

Here is a link to a resource to help build supportive reading routines in the home. https://www.raisingreaders.org/


Thank you and please email should you have any questions, comments or concerns!


Have a great weekend!  ~Hannah Bernier

Weekly Newsletter 10/19/18

Good afternoon!


Today Dr. Rhoads read to our class and Mrs. Stover’s class, he read the kids a book and reminded all of the students to use the 3B’s.  😊


Reminders –

  • Don’t forget a couple snacks per day. 
  • P.E. on Wednesdays (wear or bring) and Library on Monday (help the kids remember their books)
  • REMINDER – no nut snacks please


Here are some of our highlights of the week… 


Literacy –

  • We finished our read aloud, The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary.  Students REALLY enjoyed it and while we attempted to watch the movie, that did not fare so well with technical difficulties.
  • We started our WIN groupings.  Students may either have myself, Mrs. Stover or Mrs. Cole that they work with during this time.  You may also hear the names Mrs. Denbow, Mrs. Bell or Mrs. Corriveau as they are other educators in our building that push in during this time.  The focus in each of these groupings currently are fluency, word work, Lexia, and book skills/comprehension.
  • We continued our talk about grammar – we have worked on broken sentences and making sure that as we put words together and reread the sentences that they ‘sound correct’ and start with a capital letter and end with punctuation.  Some students seem to be more of a fan of this than others. 



We’re almost there!  We’ve been working on our small moment narrative writing for 8 weeks and I believe that we will be done today!  Students will complete their writing prompts today and we will begin our brief “How to…” unit over the course of the next few weeks.



  • Math is going great.  We have begun our “Math baskets” and it is interesting to see the choices that students gravitate toward.  Part of the process in using the baskets is for students to have voice and choice in their work.  Each colored basket represents a particular skill (addition, work problems, fact fluency, etc) and within each skills the baskets differ in difficulty.  Some students will choose more basic skills and realize the work does not challenge them…OR students will choose the challenging baskets and surprise themselves at how well they do or notice that they CAN do the skill with assistance, but may choose to tuck it away to practice later.  We all know we work at a different pace and as long as we try our best…we will continue to learn and progress in our skills.



Pumpkins!  We made predictions about our three pumpkins (small, medium and large sized) and how many seeds may be in them.  We have gotten the seeds out of them and will take on the task of counting the seeds within each pumpkin next week.  Estimating, measuring, predicting buoyancy, and other tests will be experienced.


Dates to remember –

Saturday, October 27th – WPS Fall Festival 1-4pm  

CONFERENCES - November 7th you can sign up here: https://www.ptcfast.com/schools/Windham_Primary_School_1


Volunteers- I sent out an e-mail earlier in the week about times to volunteer and many have signed up.  If you would like to volunteer in our classroom, please fill out a volunteer application and contact me with preferred time.  If another parent would also like that time, it will be shared.


WISHES: If you are feeling generous and would like to purchase a roll of clear contact paper for our classroom crafts, it would be greatly appreciated.  PLEASE know that this is optional and by no means required.  Thank you.


Classroom Website: https://wps.rsu14.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=959742&type=u&pREC_ID=1442735


To get to the site manually you go to rsu14.org and clock on Windham Primary School.  From here, clock on the word ‘Directory’ at the top and you may search for my name or look at c house first floor staff.  I WILL POST OUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS EACH WEEK HERE.


Thank you and please email should you have any questions or concerns!


Have a great weekend! 

~Hannah Bernier


Up Coming Events...
Fall Picture Day: Thursday, October 18th
Fall Festival: Saturday, October 27th 1-4pm
Wednesday, November 7th selected times 7am-7pm (please sign up)


Veterans Day: Monday, November 12 (no school)


Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday, November 21-Friday, November 23


First Trimester Ends: November 30, 2018

3 B's
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe

Mrs. Bernier

Windham Primary School
C House
404 Gray Rd.
Windham, Maine 04062


~Please report all absences to wpsabsent@rsu14.org
and for the safety and well-fare of students, please be prepared to show picture identification when picking up a student.
Specials Schedule:
Monday: Library with Ms. Keary (bring your book!)
Tuesday: Art with Mrs. V
Wednesday: P.E. with Mr. Stone (bring sneakers!)
Thursday: Music with Mrs. Cash-Cobb

WPS School Day

The school day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday begins at 8:20 am and dismisses at 2:45 pm. If you bring your child to school after 8:20 you must sign them in at the office. On Wednesday, school begins at 8:20 and dismisses at 12:45.
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