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Welcome to Ms. Menard's First Grade Class!!
Dear Student and Parents,


Welcome to first grade. I hope you are looking forward to next year just as much as I am! First grade is packed with so many fun new things to learn. I have been planning lots of great activities for us to do together. You will learn and grow so much!


Over the summer, please practice the things below:

  • Printing your first and last name neatly. Try using all lowercase letters except for the first letter.
  • Learn to tie your shoes. I will be the only adult in the classroom, so my hands will often be busy doing other things.
  • Listen to and practice reading LOTS of stories.
  • Count and write numbers to 120!


We will have a ‘Meet and Greet’ before school begins in the fall so that you can get to know me and our classroom, and so that I can see you again and meet your family. I can’t wait to see how much you grow over the summer!


You have 2 homework assignments for this summer…yikes! The first is to READ, READ, and READ! The second is to have LOTS and LOTS of fun!


If you or your parents have any questions or need to contact me before school begins, they can email me at or call the school at:



We are going to have a wonderful year! Enjoy the summer sunshine!




Ms. Menard