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Grade 2 Field Day

Time: 9 AM – 2 PM
Location: check back for field location
Jun 5

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Buddy mentoring program promotes leadership, teamwork among students - from The Windham Eagle

People can thrive off companionship during their lifetime, especially for young minds creating their future. Often people will surround themselves with friends, or people they look up to. Those role models can have an impact on minds and in a social aspect, friends can help each other in creating intelligence. That’s one of the reasons classrooms can often contain activities such as group work and special guest speakers. As an example of this, Windham Primary and Middle School’s Buddy Mentoring Program is a partnership between the eighth-grade students assisting second graders by teaching leadership and role modeling to younger children.
RSU14 Students

Very Important Information about Volunteering and Attending Field Trips at WPS

If you plan to volunteer at any time or may want to attend a field trip, please make sure you complete the annual volunteer application and provide a copy of your current driver’s license with the application. The deadline for submitting a volunteer application for the 22-23 school year is April 24th. The online application form is titled 2021 do not worry about this. Why a deadline? Because if you submit a volunteer application after April 24, you will most likely not be able to attend a field trip or a field day during May and June because the background check conducted by the district can take up to a month for approval. Click headline for Volunteer Application.
WPS Volunteer

WPS Mission, Vision and Core Values

The Mission of the Windham Raymond School District is to ensure “Success for All” learners.
Every student leaves our schools as:
- A responsible and involved citizen
- A clear and effective communicator
- A creative and practical problem solver
- An integrative and informed thinker
- A self-directed and life-long learner

Our Vision 
Every student in our Windham Raymond Schools is actively engaged:
- In a safe learning environment
- By highly effective, qualified and passionate staff
- In authentic, individualized and personally relevant learning
- In communicating why their learning is important and articulating their own progress as they reach ambitious individualized goals
- In learning through collaborative, technology-rich experiences no longer defined by traditional boundaries

School Core Values
- Learners: Our central purpose every day is to educate, embrace, understand, support, and celebrate all.  
- Teamwork: A collaborative effort between children, staff, families, and community toward achieving common goals.  
- Growth: Continuous improvement for everyone at different paces, times, and places.   
- Acceptance: Creating a safe learning environment that honors and celebrates individual differences, strengths, challenges, and ideas with honest dialogue and good intentions.  
- Creativity: Imaginative thinking that produces innovative ideas, solutions, learning, and new perceptions.

WPS Videos

Videos about, for and by the students at Windham Primary School.
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