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The Enrichment program

The Enrichment Program

Because we are progressing toward a proficiency-based model of teaching and learning, our Enrichment Program need reflects our mission to ensure that all students achieve at their highest level.   By striving to target our instruction to meet what each of our learners need, we closely look at which students will benefit from Enrichment support.

What is the model of delivering Enrichment instruction?

There is a “pull-out” weekly class by House for literacy or math.  Students qualify for this service based on data, student performance in the classroom, and teacher recommendation.  Some examples of how this may look like include: book club, math group, writing workshop, science module.

There is a “push-in” weekly to all grades 2, 3, 2/3 PLC’s to support what students are currently learning as they move through the learning targets.  Some examples of what this may look like include:  extension activities, independent research, word study, blogging, project-based learning.

How does this benefit students at WPS?

The Enrichment Teacher can support our highest achieving students as they progress more rapidly through the curriculum. This structure can offer more continual learning for all students……especially those who quickly meet the learning targets.

These are exciting times at WPS! If you have any questions about the Enrichment Program, please contact me at [email protected].  Linda Berry